Important notice for all athletes!

Kindly refer to the following document for the SEA Games Selection Criteria.

Thank you.

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Southeast Asian Games Selection Policy

  1. The Wrestling Federation of Singapore (WFS) will only nominate selected eligible athletes to SEA Games Singapore Selection Committee (SGS) for selection in the 2019 Singapore SEA Games Team (Team).
  2. The athletes chosen by WFS for nomination to SGS in accordance to the terms of this selection policy will be submitted to SGS for selection.
  3. WFS is the exclusive authority to select athletes to represent Singapore at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games, Clark (2019 Games).
  4. This document outlines the minimum eligibility and qualification criteria that athletes must meet to be considered by WFS for nomination to the SGS for selection to the team and the process by which WFS will nominate athletes to SGS for selection.

1. WFS’ objective for athlete’s nomination to the 2019 Games is to nominate eligible athletes who WFS considers to have the greatest potential for podium performance in line with SGS’ selection criteria for the 2019 games.
2. WFS is under no obligation to nominate a full team or any team whatsoever for the 2019 Games.
3. The Intent for WFS is to nominate eligible athletes who are in good standing with WFS through the adherence to the WFS’ Athletes Code of Conduct are clearly (in the opinion of WFS) in form, fully committed to the 2019 Games and, in the view of WFS, internationally competitive for the purpose of the 2019 Games.

1. The Singapore Qualifying Event used to identify athletes to be nominated to the SGS is the 2019 National Open & Trials on 3rd March 2019.
2. To be eligible to compete in the Qualifying Event an athlete must: 2.1 Be a Singapore Citizen.

3. Athletes may still be considered when:
3.1 Have received an exemption from entering 2019 Singapore National Open & Team Trials; due to an extensive training programme overseas that is accepted by the HP Committee and the Board of WFS as suitable preparation for the Southeast Asian Games; OR
3.2 Have received an exemption from entering 2019 Singapore National Open & Team Trials due to recovery/rehabilitation from a long-term injury with proof from a medical specialist as approved by WFS or the Singapore Sports Institute, that this recovery/rehabilitation prevents entering this competition and have received a clearance to compete at the next Qualification event from the same medical specialist or the Singapore Sports Institute. 3.3 REQUESTS FOR ALL EXEMPTIONS as listed above MUST be received by the Athletes’ Selection Panel by e-mail at by no later than the day of weigh-ins for the competition.

1. At the time of nomination, the athlete must be a qualified member of the 2019 National team who;
1.1 has placed top 3 at the Singapore Qualifying Event
1.2 demonstrated the ability to achieve a 3rd placing or better at the 2019 Games (i.e. Top 3 at the SEA Championships, or defeated an athlete who placed top 3 at equivalent level of competition)
All achievements should be achieved within a fifteen-month period.

Other considerations
In addition to the above selection criteria, the following “qualities” of the athletes will be taken into consideration:
- Attitude and behaviour; - Current skill level and fitness; - Level of commitment and attendance; - Potential for future development; - Ability to demonstrate team spirit and work well with teammates and coaches.

WFS will submit all nominated athletes achievements to the SGS Selection Committee who will meet to discuss and select the final athletes for the 2019 Southeast Asian Games.

WFS can submit appeals to the SGS Appeals Committee for athletes who are not selected at the Selection Committee. In the appeals, WFS has to provide new information that meets the selection criteria and information which had not been previously submitted to the Selection Committee.