This Invitation to Quote (ITQ) set out by the Wrestling Federation of SIngapore (WFS) seeks to appoint the vendor for conceptualising and writing for the following project below.

SG Coach Level 1 Integrated Program for Wrestling

The deadline for submission of your quote and company profile is 24 December 2018 (Monday), 6pm.

(A) About the Project

SG Coach Level 1 Integrated Program for Wrestling.
Wrestling Federation of Singapore is embarking on a review of the current National Coaches Accreditation Program Level 1 Technical.

The current program has been in use for a decade and needs a revamp to match towards the higher expectations set by SportSG as well as to tweak the teaching methods to meet current trends.

The new program will be created in conjunction with CoachSG and be named as the SG-Coach Level 1 Wrestling Program.

This will be an integrated program which encompasses both theory and technical modules.
The Modules will be as follows (subject to changes)
1) Sports Development Systems
2) Communication in Coaching & Team Dynamics
3) Delivery Methods
4) Session Planning
5) Risk Assessment and Management
6) Values & Principles in Sport
7) Wrestling Technical Skills
Objectives of the modules can be found in Annex A.

(B) Requirements

The successful Vendor shall fulfil the following requirements:
- Provide a brief background of the writer and understanding of the sport - Provide an itemised breakdown for the following: - Writing of program which includes the following - Lesson Plan for each module - Provision of teaching guide including presentation slides for each module - Provision of learners’ guide in notes for each module - Assessment Plan for each module

The successful vendor will also be required to make any changes to the aforementioned lesson plans, teaching guides, learners’ guides and assessment plan should there be any changes upon review.

All Intellectual Property Rights shall belong to Wrestling Federation of Singapore throughout the period the material is being developed and while modules are conducted.

(C) Timeline

Tender Return 24th Dec 2018
Provisional Interview Date 26th Dec 2018
Review and confirmation of Vendor(s) 28th Dec 2018
Start of project 28th Dec 2018
Completion of Draft 1 15th Jan 2019
Completion of Draft 2 31st Jan 2019
Delivery of materials 28th February 2019
Redrafting and Amendments 28th February 2019
Instructions for Vendor

(D) Submission of ITQ

NOTE: Vendors can submit quotes based on individual modules or as a whole
1. Your Proposal
Please provide a proposal based on the brief provided and tell us your approach, including
why the proposed approach.
2. Your Experience
Please tell us about your experience. We are interested in hearing about your previous work
projects and processes that best match our requirement.
3. Price
You should provide a fee from appointment to completion of project.
You should break this down and include your assumptions in arriving at this fee.
You should provide a list of disbursements or other cost that are excluded from your fee as set out above. You should provide indicative costs against these elements wherever possible. Please include any assumptions you have made in arriving at your fee quote.
4. Scope of Service
Please provide a brief statement which list your understanding of the scope of your service for this project. This should include any exclusions or services that would attract an additional cost.
5. References
You should provide references for projects completed within the last 5 years as follows:
- Client reference for a recently completed project as per point 2. - Client reference ideally in the not for profit sectors. You should provide contact details for each referee.

(E) Submission Deadline

You should send your tender by post to:

Aaron Koh
Wrestling Federation of Singapore
3, Bedok North St 2 #01-01 Singapore 469643

Or Via Email at:
No later than 6.00pm on 24 Dec 2018 (Tuesday)

(F) Confirmation of intention to participate

To ensure that we are able to manage our ITQ efficiently and fairly, we would be grateful if you
could confirm your intention to participate in the tender process no later than 21st December 2018.
You should email Aaron Koh ( to confirm your intention, and indicate the person responsible for your submission and their contact details. We will use this
contact information to share any queries or clarification or changes to the tender process.

(G) Evaluation Criteria

We will use the following template to evaluate your ITQ submission

Your proposal - 50%
Your experience - 15%
Price - 15%
Scope of service - 15%
References - 5%
Total - 100%

Wrestling Federation of Singapore is not required to accept all proposals if the committee feels that the objectives of the ITQ are not met.

(H) Queries

We expect this document to give you all the information you need to complete your tender
information. However, if you have clarifications or queries, these can be addressed to:
Aaron Koh
Honorary Secretary
Wrestling Federation of Singapore

Any queries received later than close of business day on 24th Dec 2018 will not be answered.

Objectives can be found in the document outlined here: