Following the conclusion of the 2018 SG Wrestling National Open & Trials where we saw 116 wrestlers on the mats.

The athlete's selection committee is pleased to announce the Singaporean competitors who have qualified to be considered for the 2018 Singapore Wrestling National and National Development Teams.

National Development Team:

School age/Cadet

  1. Cayden Teo (Evolve MMA)
  2. Mohd Nu'man (Wolfpack Wrestling Club)
  3. Darren Goh (Evolve MMA)
  4. Mohd Qayyum (Wolfpack Wrestling Club)
  5. Ursus Yan Ze Lee (Wolfpack Wrestling Club)
  6. Koh Chin Wee (Honey Badgers)


  1. Leah Jeremiah (Empower Defensive Solutions)
  2. Audrey Ng (Jagsport)
  3. Sarah Yong (Jagsport)
  4. Chelsea Tang (Jagsport)
  5. Raiyan Azlan (N/A)
  6. Ryan Ng (Jagsport)
  7. Ethan Ang (Jurong Youth Wrestling Club)


  1. Khairullah Khairullah (Synergy)
  2. Nick Ang (Meerkats Wrestling Club)
  3. Ryan Tay (Jagsport)
  4. Mikaiil Teo (Jurong Youth Wrestling Club)
  5. Sean Loo (Jurong Youth Wrestling Club)
  6. Nazri Sutari (Impact MMA)

National Team

  1. Lim Zi Xyan (Jurong Youth Wrestling Club)
  2. Qays Martin Johari (Jurong Youth Wrestling Club)
  3. Lou Hong Yeow (Wolfpack Wrestling Club)
  4. Gavin Yap (Impact MMA)
  5. Firdhaus Ng (Jurong Youth Wrestling Club)
  6. Eddy Khidzer (Jurong Youth Wrestling Club)
  7. Don Eu (Empower Defensive Solutions)
  8. Xavier Toh (Jurong Youth Wrestling Club)
  9. Andy Neo (Impact MMA)
  10. Gabriel Yang (Jagsport)
  11. Leonard Kong (Innervate Fitness)
  12. Billy Chu Jun Hao (Impact MMA)
  13. Rabi'ah Rohaizad (Jurong Youth Wrestling Club)
  14. Caryl Lim (Impact MMA)
  15. Vanessa Ng (Jagsport)

All the above competitors and their represented clubs will soon receive an invitation letter to attend a briefing and interview session to be held at our National Training Centre on 23rd March 2018.

Once again congratulations on your performance!

In addition, a limited number of national athletes who were unable to compete due to Medical reasons, National Service or Overseas obligations and who have submitted their appeals are currently being reviewed for consideration.

Gabriel Huang
Operations Manager
Wrestling Federation of Singapore