Wrestling Federation of Singapore would like to welcome Empower: Defensive Solutions(EDS), as the newest member of our affiliated team.

We interviewed one of EDS top fighter, Don Eu on his thoughts and opinions of wrestling.

Hi Don, tell me more about yourself and what inspired you wrestle?

Hi fellow wrestlers, Don here. The first reason why I wrestle is because I fully agree with the WFS ethos “Character is Fate” and I intend to live it out daily. Secondly, I wrestle because I'd come to realise that Wrestlers were the toughest and the best (from the world of MMA) and I intend to be one of the Best by getting ‘beat up’ daily by the Best at WFS.

Don with grading certificateDon with EDS wrestlers holding their WFS grading certificates pictured with Coach Paulo

You are a full-time teacher, EDS Fighter and a National Wrestler, how do you manage your time?

I try my best to max out at whatever task that I am working on so that I am optimally efficient and do not waste precious time. I am only able to do so with the full support of my family, instructors, fellow national wrestlers, EDS fight team mates and colleagues. And for that, I can never be thankful enough. Lastly, I can never be apologetic enough for all the sacrifices that I have made with regard to my social life. I can only earnestly hope that my loved ones can understand.

Don double leg takedownDon executing the double leg takedown at his recent MMA competition

What made you decide to take up martial arts?

I was shopping for a change in sports from triathlon. I remembered asking myself, “So I am getting faster but what is the point of this all?”
So I decided on martial arts as self-defence and started training to be the best that I could be so that I could help people (as an instructor) to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Don teaching a sessionSelf defense session in progress

What made EDS decide to be an affiliated gym of the Wrestling Federation of Singapore?

Why wouldn’t we? Haha… EDS has tons to learn from WFS from a sportive and operational point of view. Also, EDS members will definitely benefit from being able to train with National Wrestlers.

Don with coach pauloDon with Coach Paulo

What are the past / present and upcoming events that EDS has collaborated with Wrestling Federation of Singapore?

EDS has collaborated thus far by supporting WFS in Beat The Streets 2017 and a Wrestling Workshop for NCC cadets. We look forward to future collaborations with WFS to advance the sport of Olympic Wrestling in Singapore.

EDS wrestlers, WFS wrestlers and WFS competition committee after the recent Wrestle with a heart charity event

You have brought some of your NCC Cadets from school to try out wrestling, do you have any plans to expand this program?

We intend to get our students involved with the WFS Beat The Streets program and more students to try out Olympic Wrestling! Wrestling breeds the toughest athletes and mindsets so it’s the best sport to imbue good character in our young Singaporeans.

Don NCC cadetsDon with his NCC cadets

What is the history of EDS?

EDS started out as a group of self-defence enthusiasts who trained wherever we could. EDS’ motto is “To Empower and Protect” and we are involved in using martial arts to further community causes. We are currently one plus year old and are having the time of our lives competing and growing daily! Lastly, we are eternally grateful for being taken under the wings of established organisations such as the Wrestling Federation of Singapore, World Association of Kickboxing Organisations Singapore, Tactical Krav Maga and Floro Fighting Systems. We will keep on keeping on and do all our supporters and affiliates proud.

Coach Dominic guiding EDS wrestlers

Where can we find EDS?

We are a fun-loving and friendly bunch who are simply crazy about martial arts! Come join us at 6 Sin Ming Road, Sin Ming Plaza Tower 2, Singapore 575585, #01-16! Find us on Facebook.

Any other shoutouts for you?

Special Shoutout to Coach Paulo for being my approachable and nurturing coach. Gabriel Huang the Operations Manager of WFS, for his open-mindedness and generosity in developing EDS,
Dominic Marc Chen, former National Wrestler, for being my rock-steady and knowledgeable brother-in-arms in developing Olympic Wrestling in EDS.

We would to like to thank EDS and Don Eu for their time. See you on the mats!