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‘Beat The Streets – SG’ receives Official recognition and funding support.

On 10th April 2017, the international governing body for Wrestling, United World Wrestling has pledged $10,000USD and a wrestling mat to support the Wrestling Federation of Singapore through its Beat The Street and Wrestle Right programs. In February this year, Our Nation's President Dr. Tony Tan also announced support for 'Beat The Streets - SG' through the President's Challenge 2017.

"The sport of wrestling can help our young people to develop their character, self-motivation, passion, determination, discipline, grit, resilience, hard work, loyalty and teamwork. These are key values that can contribute to sustainable success in their future work and life." - Patrick Liew, President of the Wrestling Federation.

Beat The Streets - SG will combine Olympic Wrestling and Financial Literacy education for youth aged between 7 and 18 through a values-based learning approach. While the program is set to be the first of its kind in South East Asia, it has enjoyed a proven track record in other parts of the world such as in Africa, the Middle-East, Eastern Europe and the United States of America.

The Wrestling Federation of Singapore is glad to receive support and recognition from our International Federation and the President of Singapore.

"With this support, we will be able to start impacting more youth in a meaningful manner."- Gabriel Huang, Operations Manager and project coordinator.

Letter from President's Office

Letter from United World Wrestling