The 2016 Commonwealth Wrestling Championship, was held at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore from the 4th November to 6th November 2016. In total 99 athletes, from 8 participating countries, competed across 24 weight categories; Freestyle, Greco-Roman and Women’s Wrestling. The following are the results:

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Freestyle - Seniors - 57kg
1st: Sandeep Tomar (IND)
2nd: Muhammad Bilal (PAK)
3rd: Trevor Banks (CAN)
3rd: Utkarsh Pandharinath Kale (IND)
5th: Gavin Yap (SGP)
5th: Eddy Khidzer (SGP)

Freestyle - Seniors - 61kg
1st: Harphool (IND)
2nd: Vikas (IND)
3rd: Iwan BAKER (WLS)
3rd: Abdul WAHAB (PAK)
5th: Firdhaus NG (SGP)
5th: Fernando LIM (SGP)

Freestyle - Seniors - 65kg
1st: Bajrang (IND)
2nd:Rahul Mann (IND)
3rd: Kane Charig (WLS)
3rd: Vince De Marinis (CAN)
5th: Jewel Andrew Glew (AUS)
5th: Mudassar HUSSAIN (PAK)
7th: Thomas CICCHINI (AUS)
7th: Zi Xyan LIM (SGP)
9th: Sean Loo (SGP)

Freestyle - Seniors - 70kg
1st: Amit Kumar Dhankhar (IND)
2nd: Vinod Kumar Omprakash (IND)
3rd: Abdul Rehman (PAK)
4th: Jordan Marshall (NZL)

Freestyle - Seniors - 74kg
1st: Jitendra (IND)
2nd: Sandeep Kate (IND)
3rd: Muhammad Asad Butt (PAK)

Freestyle - Seniors - 86kg
1st: Deepak (IND)
2nd: Muhammad Inam (PAK)
3rd: Arun Kumar (IND)
3rd: Jordan Steen (CAN)
5th: Nariman IRANKHAH (CAN)
5th: Connor EVANS (AUS)
7th: Oliver COLE (WLS)
7th: Benjamin TEO (SGP)

Freestyle - Seniors - 97kg
1st: Satywart KADIAN (IND)
2nd: Roublejit Singh RANGI (IND)
3rd: Umair TARIQ (PAK)
3rd: Ali AL- REKABI (CAN)
5th: Kenneth HARRIS (WLS)
5th: Hidayat BIN HARON (SGP)

Freestyle - Seniors - 125kg
1st: Hitender (IND)
2nd: Krishan (IND)
3rd: Zaman Anwar (PAK)
4th: Bhullar Jagroop Singh (GBR)
5th: Yakhdan Al-Rekabi (CAN)

Greco-Roman - Seniors - 59 kg
1st : Ravinder SINGH (IND)
2nd: Vikram Krushnath KURADE (IND)
3rd: Muhammad BILAL (PAK)

Greco-Roman - Seniors - 66 kg
1st: Manish (IND)
2nd: Ravinder (IND)
3rd: Abdul Wahab (PAK)
4: Andrew Jewell (AUS)

Greco-Roman - Seniors - 71 kg
1st: Deepak (IND)
2nd: Mohammed Rafiq Holi (IND)
3rd: Abdul Rehman (PAK)
4th: Kian Min Yeo (SGP)

Greco-Roman - Seniors - 75 kg
1st: Gurpreet Singh (IND)
2nd: Dinesh (IND)
3rd: Muhammad Asad Butt (PAK)

Greco-Roman - Seniors - 80 kg
1st: Harpreet Singh (IND)
2nd: Ravinder Singh (IND)

Greco-Roman - Seniors - 85 kg
1st: Prabhpal Singh (IND)
2nd: Yashpal (IND)

Greco-Roman - Seniors - 98 kg
1st: Hardeep (IND)
2nd: Sachin (IND)
3rd: Umar Tariq (PAK)

Greco-Roman - Seniors - 130 kg
1st: Naveen (IND)
2nd: Manvir Singh (IND)
3rd: Zaman Anwat (PAK)
4th: Chun Jun Hao (SGP)

Women’s Wrestling - Seniors - 48kg
1st: Ritu (IND)
2nd: Priyanka Singh (IND)
3rd: Alvina Lim (SGP)
4th: Uyen Ha (AUS)

Women’s Wrestling - Seniors - 53kg
1st: Pinki (IND)
2nd: Arpana (IND)
3rd: Jessica Lavers- McBain (AUS)

Women’s Wrestling - Seniors - 55kg
1st: Lalita (IND)
2nd: Divyanshi Tyagi (IND)
3rd: Korzh Anatasiya Dimitrivna (NZL)
4th: Irene Symeonidis (AUS)

Women’s Wrestling - Seniors - 58kg
1st: Manju (IND)
2nd: Sonali (IND)
3rd: Jessie Nel (AUS)
4th: Nur Hidayah Mohd Jemin (SGP)

Women’s Wrestling - Seniors - 60kg
1st: Linda Morais (CAN)
2nd: Sarita (IND)
3rd: Manisha (IND)

Women’s Wrestling - Seniors - 63kg
1st: Reshma Anil Mane (IND)
2nd: Gargi Yadav (IND)
3rd: Charmayne Hughes (SGP

Women’s Wrestling - Seniors - 69kg
1st: Pinki (IND)
2nd: Kavita (IND)
3rd: Aliena Coleman (AUS)

Women’s Wrestling - Seniors - 75kg
1st: Veronica Keefe (CAN)
2nd: Jyoti (IND)
3rd: Nikki (IND)

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