BASE Entertainment Asia is giving all Singapore Wrestling fans 15% discount off tickets to SHAOLIN, the ulitmate display of theater & traditional shaolin kung fu.

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SHAOLIN is the ultimate display of theatre and physical prowess. The twenty-member cast perform incredible "superhuman" feats. The show combines traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, inch perfect choreography with dramatic lighting and sound that evokes the spirit of their traditions in one breathtaking performance. Direct from the fabled Shaolin temple in the foothills of the Song Shang mountain range in China’s Henan province The Shaolin Monks will make an exciting return to demonstrate their authentic martial arts expertise.

天下武功出少林! 来自中国河南嵩山少林寺的20位武林弟子们即将在《少林》呈现一场精彩绝伦 和动人心魄的少林功夫表演。《少林》将挑战一连串的惊险绝技。弟子们的十八般武艺,配上舞 台的灯光和音响,不仅带来极强的视觉与听觉效果,也能让观众充分地感受到少林功夫与中国文 化的精髓。


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