Team Takedown Tournament 2016 was held on 15th May 2016 at City Square Mall. We would like to thank friends and family who came over and support. Not forgetting Happi and Balmoral Chiropractic Center for making T3 a successful event.

Sean Loo, a competitor representing team Jurong Youth Wrestling Club, shares his thoughts on competing in this year's T3.

The Impact Mixed Martial Arts team took home top honours in the fourth Singapore Wrestling Team Takedown Tournament (T3) that concluded on 15 May.

Team Impact MMA2016 T3 Champion team Impact MMA. Photo Credits: Faizal Basir

[From L to R: Gavin Yap, Chouaib Kabbab, Eric Anderson, Alexsandro Machado. Not in photo: Garie Tang]

Led by the undefeated Eric Anderson at 65kg weight category, team Impact MMA won 17 of their 20 individual bouts, six clear team Old But Gold in second place.

Team Old But Gold2016 T3 Runner-up team Old But Gold. Photo Credits: Faizal Basir

[From L to R: Mikaiil Teo, David Mortiz, Eddy Khidzer, Silas Yeak]

The Innervate Meerkats clinched the bronze medal at nine points, edging Jurong Youth Wrestling Club out of the medal stand by just a solitary point.

Team Innervate Meerkats2016 T3 Second Runner-up team Innervate Meerkats. Photo Credits: Faizal Basir

[From L to R: Look Hou Xuan, Gabriel Huang, Sanjith Singh, Qays Martin Johari, Leonard Kong. Not in photo: David Hauw]

The Nomads rounded up the standings, earning four points to finish in fifth.

A victory in an individual match-up earns a team one point.

Mr Anderson, alongside with Old But Gold’s 86kg wrestler David Mortiz clinched the tournament’s outstanding wrestling award. They were both unbeaten leading their teams to first and second place respectively.

David Mortiz from team Old But Gold going for the pin. Photo Credits: Faizal Basir

It was the second time I represented my club – Jurong Youth Wrestling Club – in T3, and for the second year running, we fell short of a podium spot by finishing in fourth.

Despite the disappointments, my overall experience of participating in T3 was positive overall.

Last year I had the experience of cutting 10kg in two weeks to make the 65kg weight category.

In contrast, despite having a walking weight of 72kg, I competed in the 86kg weight category in order fill up the missing spot in the team rooster.

On a number of occasions, I even bumped up to wrestle at the above 86kg weight class; my team did not have a competitor at that weight category!

I had the pleasure of competing in six individual bouts against opponents from different martial arts background.

Sean LooSean Loo from team Jurong Youth Wrestling Club in blue battling Alexsandro Machado from team Impact MMA in black. Photo Credits: Leonard Kong

My team battled valiantly, with our 65kg wrestler Lim Zi Xyan scoring a notable upset.

Facing Eddy Khidzer – who had represented Singapore at the Asian Wrestling Championships back in 2015 – Lim threw his more experienced opponent and pinned him much to the delight of the crowd.

Our 57kg wrestler Muhammad Firdhaus also wrestled strongly, winning three out of his four matches.

Issac, our 74kg competitor only took up wrestling two months prior. Even though he lost all his matches against more experienced opponents, he still wrestled his best, almost managing to win a match.

Despite falling short of a medal placing, we can still be proud of the effort that we put in on the mat.

It is only at T3 where competitors from different martial arts background can compete together at a common competition.

T3 2016

The martial arts backgrounds of the competitors include Wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Judo among many other grappling sports.

T3 is a one-of- a kind tournament that unites the martial arts community in Singapore and this competition looks to have a vibrant future.


1st Place - Impact MMA

  • Garie Tang
  • Gavin Yap
  • Eric Anderson
  • Alexsandro Machado
  • Chouaib Kabbab

2nd Place - Old But Gold

  • Eddy Khidzer
  • David Mortiz
  • Silas Yeak
  • Mikaiil Teo

3rd Place - Innervate Meerkats

  • Gabriel Huang
  • Qays Martin Johari
  • Sanjith Singh
  • Look Hou Xuan
  • David Hauw
  • Leonard Kong